Philosophy of Fuente Haircare

Human hair mainly consists of keratin on the outside (like a nail) and moisture and proteins on the inside. So if there is a problem with the hair, it stems from a lack of moisture or protein or both. So when people talk about a shampoo or conditioner that is intended for a certain problem, this is mainly for marketing purposes because no matter how a problem has arisen, the result is always a shortage of moisture or proteins or both.

Fuente has therefore opted for the most obvious solution, to supplement the shortage of moisture and/or proteins. Once this addition has taken place, the result is always healthy hair! Of course it depends on the hair and damage how long the recovery needs, this can already take place with a few washes but can also take a few weeks and sometimes a more intensive method is needed, for example by means of a conditioner or mask.

In addition, it is also possible to treat the keratin, however, as mentioned, this is a hard outside and you can only treat it on the outside. Fuente has also developed separate products for this, but we will always tell you that this is only possible on the outside and that means that this is an ongoing treatment, as soon as this is stopped, the problem will surface again.

In order to achieve an optimal result, Fuente uses a production process based on magnetic fields, a kind of microwave. The advantage of this method of production is that, for example, the shampoo produced in such a machine is positively charged. Damaged hair has a negative charge at the site of damage. We know from nature that positive and negative molecules attract each other and that is why the effect of all Fuente products is so extremely effective!

By going back to the source of a problem, we managed to effectively solve it!



Without animal ingredients or other additives



Without animal testing and against animal cruelty


Forest Stewarship Council

We support the conservation of forests and tropical forests


Organic ingredients

Ingredients of natural & vegetable origin


Natural aromas

Pure aromas from nature determine the scent of our products

Products by FUENTE are rich in everything that makes nature in its purest form so beautiful. The result is an extensive, professional product line that exudes benefits in terms of luxury and sustainability. Fuente originates from a pure source of natural ingredients. All those special aspects make products from FUENTE enormously popular worldwide.

Organic Wellness

Nature has the power to heal, to rejuvenate, to nourish and to replenish. Our inspiration and ingredients come from the unspoilt Spanish nature. By using pure and organic ingredients you experience the power of this Spanish nature in Fuente products. This gives you a luxurious wellness experience with fantastic results.

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The University of Leuven has discovered the phenomenon of production using magnetic fields. The principle of producing with magnetic fields means that plant molecules, which are, by nature, many times larger than chemical molecules, are significantly reduced in size so they can penetrate the hair much more easily in order to be able to do their work.

The result is an improved performance of around 25%, which is a huge step forward in hair care. Fuente has applied this form of production in the renewed line. Damaged hair is negatively charged, however, during production, the Fuente products are positively charged. This significantly improves the effectiveness on damaged hair.


Herbal extracts

Organic herbal extracts have the power to heal, give energy and renew. We infuse them into the Fuente products to create the perfect combination of enriching benefits.


Water Source

Water is everything; our water comes directly from the source of perfection – a natural river sourced from the Fuente de Piedra nature reserve. Enriched with ions, it is the heart of our natural process.


Natural oils

Oils are our finishing touch. Harvested from wild flowers and herbs, these oils provide a luxurious spa experience, time and time again.

Salon sustainability

Fuente does everything it can to be as sustainable as possible. For example, via the unique Fuente Refill Station Fuente Shampoo or Care bottles can be refilled. In addition to saving for the customer, it also contributes to a better environment and reduces plastic consumption.

Sustainable packaging

All orders via our webshop are processed in an environmentally friendly manner. Our bottles are made of recyclable PET and the filling, required for sending in a shipping box, is made of potato flour. To destroy this filling, just drop it in the water or toilet to completely dissolve 100%!